How To Add Widget On Blog Post

Cewek cantik

In order to view the blog to look more beautiful, sometimes we have to add the widget above Blog Post. But the widget to be added must be seriously considered, especially the impact on the speed of loading the blog, as well as many widgets that make it easy for visitors to navigate.

Another advantage expected from the gorgeous look of the blog is that visitors linger on our blog, so the blog bounce rate percentage could be reduced.

This article I published to accommodate the needs of the bloggers who may need information on how to add widgets on Top Blog Post.

Widgets are most often mounted on the top of the blog post is usually a slider or widget headline news, the bloggers use widgets goal is to make the blog seem more visitor friendly, because it allows visitors to obtain information needed.


To add a widget on the blog post, you should edit your blog template HTML document, implementation details as below,
Login to blogger with your ID
In blogger dashboard page click your blog title
Click the Template menu, you should backup your blog template first, then click the Edit HTML
Find the code]]> </ b: skin> in the HTML document template, and place the following code just above the code]]> </ b: skin>
. adding-wrapper {padding: 0 auto; margin: 0    auto; width: auto; float: left; word-wrap: break-word; overflow: hidden;}
. adding {color: # 666666; line-height: 1.3em;}
. adding ul {list-style: none; margin: 0 0 0; padding: 0 0 0;}
. adding li {margin: 0; padding-top: 0; padding-right: 0; padding-bottom: .25 em; padding-left: 0px; text-indent: 0px; line-height: 1.3em;}
. adding. widget {margin: 0px 0px 6px 0px;}
Then look <div id=’main-wrapper’> and place the following code right below <div id=’main-wrapper’>
<b:if cond=’data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl’>
       <div id=’adding-wrapper’>
<b:section class=’adding’ id=’adding’ preferred=’yes’/>
       </ div>
</ b: if>
Save changes to your template by pressing the Save Template
The last step check for changes to the layout of the blog, select the Layout / Layout on the left side bar and make sure there have been elements Add a gadget blog post on the element, as shown below.


News caught Raffi ahmad

Raffi ahmad

News of the arrest of 15 artists, including Raffi Ahmad, Wanda Hamidah, Irwansyah and his wife, Zaskia Sungkar surprised many. But paranormal Ki Kusumo pleaded not surprised at all.
“After all I have predicted the end of 2012, that in 2013 there will be a senior artist caught in drug cases,” said Ki Kusumo when contacted on Monday (28/1).
Film Producer Do not Cry Rays added, in addition to senior artist he also predicted a that there is a seemingly religious artist, in 2013 it will be caught drug. “Please check again my prediction,” he said.
Even long ago Ki Kusumo already warned, “In the new year, we should start with new things and leave the bad habits. To face the new year, multiply the charity, improve attitudes and change the pattern of life,” he continued.
Unfortunately, many people who forget. “If my predictions proved now, who are the losers.”
Raffi Ahmad captured the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) when a party of methamphetamine at his residence, the Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta, Sunday (27/1) morning. Besides Raffi, Irwansyah and his wife, Zaskia Wanda Hamidah Sungkar and politicians arrested.
Benny Mamoto justified their arrest, Deputy Enforcement BNN. “Yes it is true, that tetangkap initials RA, Zs, I and W. urine test was done for the question, and now more memperincinya,” he explained.

Warner gives Entourage movie the green light

The film will be directed by series creator Doug Ellin, who has also written the script, thought to take place some six months before the events of the series finale.

That episode saw Adrien Grenier’s Vince heading towards his wedding day and Jeremy Piven’s Ari Gold having been offered a position as a studio head.

Ellin has been pretty sparing about the finer details of his plot, but he has mentioned that the gang are, “still hanging out and going to fun parties.” So there you go.

The original cast are currently in talks with Warner over deals to return to their roles, while there is bound to be a hefty number of A-list cameos to boot. Expect work to begin on the film later this year


What the BlackBerry 10 RIM Can Restore Glory?


Within days, Research In Motion (RIM) will release the BlackBerry 10 operating system or rather on Wednesday, January 30, 2013. This is a great bet for RIM to restore its former glory in the global mobile phone industry, or could be, even drowning them in this industry.

BlackBerry 10 underwent a long development process. In March 2011, the duo CEO who was then held by Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis announced that the company will create a new BlackBerry products. RIM later claimed his new product was delayed. Until finally in January 2012, the duo decided to resign from the CEO office.

The position of CEO Thorsten Heins then occupied, a former Siemens executive who joined RIM in 2007.

Meanwhile, a second delay was announced on June 2012 by Thorsten Heins. BlackBerry 10 delayed until early 2013.

What exactly makes the development of BlackBerry 10 takes a long time?

BlackBerry 10 is completely new

The short answer, RIM did not just build a new mobile device. Moreover, RIM is making an operating system that is completely new.

RIM does not want to retain the old BlackBerry operating system, which often elicits loading hourglass symbol and often makes the user do a “ritual” open-install the battery. BlackBerry OS version 7, for example, are often overwhelmed when fitted with many applications.

Unlike the operating system version 7 and below, BlackBerry 10 builds on the core program (kernel) QNX. The kernel is also used in the automotive industry, nuclear power to military aircraft. RIM acquired QNX Software Systems purchased from Harman International Industries Inc. for 200 million U.S. dollars in 2010.

If BlackBerry 10 analogous to a car, then RIM is being redesigned and built the machine frame and everything up there. This is not just designing a new car body and coats it with new paint.

These changes make the old-BlackBerry phones running OS 7 or on at the bottom-not able to update the operating system to BlackBerry 10.

RIM claims BlackBerry 10, not a single line of programming code are the same as previous BlackBerry operating system. The look and performance experienced significant changes: more hurried and smooth. Features up to the sensation of the experience offered is also new.

RIM BlackBerry 10 is ripe to make sure when it is released to the market. BlackBerry 10 is not just designed for mobile phones, but also for the tablet. Therefore, BlackBerry 10 is referred to as a mobile computing platform.

The big change

The big change is forcing RIM to rebuild the ecosystem to BlackBerry 10. No wonder the Canadian company is aggressively making competition held applications, and digital in order to woo the company wants to make the application on BlackBerry 10. Applications and games are one key to the success of a mobile operating system.

When later released BlackBerry 10, RIM will target the 100,000 apps available at BlackBerry World. RIM CEO Thorsten Heins has said, it is not just the pursuit of quantity, but also quality and adjust to the needs of local users.

In addition to applications, RIM will also sell music content, films, and TV series in-store multimedia BlackBerry World (formerly called BlackBerry App World). Maybe this move will be a separate seduction that users often visit the BlackBerry World.

Education is very important markets. Apparently, RIM had to spend a lot of money for marketing campaigns. RIM has a tough task to woo consumers to continue to use the BlackBerry instant messaging service BlackBerry Messenger is a flagship feature.

The big change that occurred in the BlackBerry 10 BlackBerry users are likely to make a confused and asked, “Why BlackBerry 10 is very different from the previous BlackBerry? What are the advantages using Blackberry 10?

If they feel there is no more value than the BlackBerry 10, then it is quite possible a growing number of BlackBerry users who switch to Android or iPhone. What’s more, the price of BlackBerry phones 10 in the early stages will be quite high in the market. RIM will first market the premium product. After some time, then they released the product to lower-middle segment.

RIM certainly put great hopes on BlackBerry 10 to restore its former glory in the mobile industry as a few years ago. BlackBerry 10 will be a great bet, there is no “plan B” or a backup plan if the product fails.

RIM still has major customers in the corporate segment. In this segment RIM will launch “offensive.”

According to data from RIM, they still have 79 million BlackBerry subscribers worldwide, more than 60 million BlackBerry Messenger users. Among these are businesspeople, government officials, corporate customers, to BlackBerry loyalists and those who are comfortable with a physical keyboard.

RIM also still enjoy the benefits of business relationships with approximately 600 mobile operators in 175 countries providing BlackBerry services.

Every effort has been made RIM. The question is whether the BlackBerry 10 to restore the glory of the company is headquartered in Waterloo, Canada?

Indonesia Artist:Wanda Hamidah Drug Test Results Negative

JAKARTA – After four days of intensive inspection, Wanda Hamidah expressed negative using drugs. Today the National Narcotics Agency (BNN), returned to announce the results of drug tests out of 10 people who were arrested from the house Raffi Ahmad at the Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta.

wanda hamidah

To note, as many as 17 people were arrested at the residence Raffi Ahmad, for allegedly engaging party drug. Later, police released seven people, the test results showed seven men did not use drugs. Now, of the 10 people BNN, will release three more.

“The result of the three initials SD, UW and WH declared negative using drugs,” said Head of Public Relations BNN, BNN Sumirat Dwiyanto in Building, Jakarta, Wednesday (01/30/2013).

WH called Sumirat refers politician from the National Mandate Party (PAN), Wanda Hamidah. Wanda has been undergoing drug tests twice. In fact, hair BNN Wanda has also been examined.

Sumirat added beyond these three, seven others tested positive for drugs, they are the initials K, M, MF, W, C, R and RJ.

Sumirat be said, though three people expressed negative using drugs. However, all three may still be charged under Law No. 35 of 2009, relevant to know the person has a drug and not report it. “By knowing and not reporting it is exposed to art. Minimum of six months in jail,” she concluded.

DroPlayer V1.0

In addition to i-player, and noxas mirro player dock, I also share the music player application made ​​similar Ncube, the DroPlayer. Just as the previous software, DroPlayer player has a display that is simple, without regulation, and lightweight (Only 1 MB). Supported file formats are MP3, WAV, OGG, MPEG, WebM, MKV, MOV, MIDI, and much more. Keep in mind that if you open a video file so that only his voice sounded.

– Supports many formats
– Display simple and transparent
– Repeat and Shuffle
– Size is very lightweight (1 MB)
– Only supports formats / audio output
– Without the advanced settings
– Playlist could not be removed (can be overcome by Noxas Dock)

Installer, 1.1 MB

Portable, 961 KB

Submit Blog to Technoraty

You must create an account first, visit the Registration link Technorati
Complete the required data well, use your current email during registration, captcha code input for the verification and registration mark mark (tick) on its agreement, and then click “Join”
Open the email you used when you signed up, see incoming email from Technorati and click on the activation link registration, Once your account is active, click the “sign in” and enter your username and password correctly claim to have committed the blog.
On the front page of Technorati site click the link name (account) you ‘which stands beside the profile photo to access your profile page.
Scroll to the very bottom of the page on your profile page, enter your blog url to Start a blog claim, and click the “Claim”


On the next page, fill in the form correctly.
Blog tittle: fill in your blog title, (example: BLUE-STARMOON)
URL: enter the address of your blog, (example:
Feed: enter the address of your blogs rss feed, may use default as address, or the address of the rss feed rss feed providers such as FeedBurner.
Linking blogs: enter the 3 (three) address of a blog that has a link to your blog. This field is optional, you should empty it.
Site description: enter a short description about your blog, adjust it with the theme of the blog or adjust the meta description attached HTML document template on your blog.
Site categories: tick mark (tick) the appropriate category for your blog’s theme. You can choose more than one category.
Site tags: fill each cell with keywords related to your blog’s content, use one or two words for each tag, do not use long sentences.
Then click the “Proceed to the next step”
Claim status on the blog page, click on the “Return to profile”
Make sure the bottom of your profile page, the blog you are already registered, required verification token code that your blog is really indexed in Technorati. Please click the “Check Claim” located under the thumbnail image of your blog.
You can find the registration code for verification token on the next page, note the code like this
or can be checked in your email inbox (this code will be different for each blog), this is a token code to be pasted on one of the articles you publish.
and the token in my blog is:


Next is the continuation of the points above. You should write an article that contains a token code, and publish. Postings may contain anything up to you, a blank page can only contain a token code, or all write articles like you are reading now.
After posting published, reopen the Technorati site and click the “Verify Claim Token” and see the results.
Up here say Alhamdulillah because your job Registering has selsesai Blog on Technorati

Create HDR Effect Using Android Smartphone

This time the blue-starmoon will share tips to make editing the pictures taken with android camera in order to get the HDR effect. What is HDR? Technically HDR (High Dynamic Range) is a state or process of making photo contains a large range of Dynamic Range or HDR order to be understood can be called with different images, Äùterang, Äù and, Äúgelap, Äù very large, called the dynamic exposure range . The goal of HDR is sendir bring unique patterns in the image, such as a cloud pattern or texture images lined up more pins. To perform process HDR photographers typically use 3 ways:

Multi-Exposure: Make some of the same photos but different exposure. (Bracketing).
Merge: Combine the photos with HDR Merge.
Tone-Map: Perform Tone Map to the combination to set the tone light dark.
It was done with the editing tools like Photoshop on your PC.

Then came the question. How can we get the image file yag we can later make HDR? The answer is that there is a state of nature or portraits or anything in the world that contains dark and light discrepancy is very large (large dynamic range) you can create HDR photos on the situation. Not necessarily during the day, evenings are also a lot of circumstances that contains HDR.

Quite so we return to the topic of discussion. Is using our android smartphone can create HDR photo files? Sure can, now at Play Store an awful lot of supporting applications to create HDR file. To post processing or image processing images that already exist in the sdcard we can use Camera Zoom FX, Pro HDR Camera, HDR Camera and PicSay. As for the In Camera Processing or processing carried out after the object image was taken from the camera can use Camera360 Ultimate. In this article we use PicSay editing and Camera360 Ultimate.

Here are the steps – steps using PicSay HDR editing.
     1.Of course its open PicSay, if not yet installed it can be downloaded at PlayStore.
     2.Then select the image to be used as HDR.
     3.Once the image is selected then choose Effect menu located at the bottom of the image


4.After selecting the effect it would appear many options we choose Effect Faux HDR effect

5.Then live we set uses a slider under the image to taste transform and get a desired image, select the image after the green tick in the top right corner.

6.Having considered the above we set the slider can also be set so that dark-light contrast more clearly visible in the image by selecting the Adjust menu way too similar to step 6.



7.In the picture above is visible cloud patterns and texture of the clouds if it is less we can also set the range of RGB colors to accentuate its colors. Okay enough now living save on the SD Card by selecting the Export menu and select Save Picture to select the album and the album done!



Next Step – Step take HDR images with Camera360 Ultimate.

1.Open Camera360 Ultimate, if not already installed can be downloaded at PlayStore.
2.Then select the picture wizard wand to select the effect.


3.Choose HDR


4.Then start taking pictures, if the picture had been taken then will then appear some HDR effects options provided, select your preference and then select save and done!

Here is an example of the HDR image with Camera360 that have been uploaded


6 Facts giant growth android

In a short amount of time, the Android operating system managed to become the most dominant in the smartphone industry world. So many Android phones and tablet PCs are now scattered in the market.


Android is an open source operating system developed by Google. Because it can be used as ‘free’, many mobile phone vendors race also seemed to adopt it.

Here are some interesting facts about the operating system such as green robot detikINET extracted from various sources.

1.Born in 2005


Embryo Android comes from 2005. At that time, Andry Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears, and Chris White founded Android Inc..

Not many know Android Inc. at the time. The founders operate behind closed doors. What is known is that Android Inc is developing mobile software.

Andy Rubin who acted as ‘chairman’, had run out of money in start-ups. Lucky a friend named Steve Perlman gave USD 10 thousand.

That year, Google’s Andy Rubin tried to lobby for support on the development of Android. He also met founder Larry Page as Google.

2.Purchased Google



Larry Page was very interested in Android. He projected this OS will help Google to compete in the mobile industry of the future.

In fact, he eventually decided not just support, but want to buy Android as a whole. Rubin was surprised, but obviously feel very happy.

Be Google woo Android in July 2005. Estimated cost about USD 50 million.

Google’s founders bring Android to keep working there. While Andy Rubin was Senior Vice President of Mobile and Digital Content in charge of Android development.

3.HTC Dream/G1,Firts Android Phone


November 2007, Google announced the formation of the Open Handset Alliance, which was founded Google with 34 other companies, to develop Open Source OS called Android.

The first phone with Google’s Android operating system was finally released in 2008. HTC made ​​phone was launched in New York and was then staying digadang will shake the dominance of Apple’s iPhone or BlackBerry smartphone.

The cell phone went on sale in the United States in October for $ 179 and in the UK early November. G1 bundling operator T-Mobile has a touch screen and sliding QWERTY keyboard.

4.Android Become the top phone 2010


Android continues to climb. Supported by a number of major vendors adopting it. Until this becomes the most popular OS world.

It happened in the fourth quarter of 2010, in which the successful invasion beating Android phones Symbian supply at that time was the top.

Based on data research firm Canalys, shipments of Android phones in the fourth quarter of 2010 through a number of 32.9 million units. While Symbian handset handset only reached 31 million units.

Other data belongs to Computer Weekly said Google’s OS market share continues to increase from 8.7 percent in 2009 to 33 percent in 2010. Today, Android’s market share in the range of 70%.

5.Versions of Android


Android by Google’s constantly updated with the addition of a variety of new features. The earliest version is the Donut release on September 2009.

Then there Eclair who was born in October 2009. In May 2010, came the Android OS Froyo (Frozen Yogurt).

Then there are successive Gingerbread, Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich.

In July 2009, came the latest version of Android called Jelly Bean. In 2013, Google is rumored to release a Key Lime Pie.

6. 1,3 Million Gadget Android  every day


Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said recently that there were 1.3 million Android devices every day activation.

Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said that there are currently 1.3 million Android devices every day activation. But the figure is considered not enough to satisfy the internet giant.

Research firm IDC estimates that Android will still lead at least four years or 2016. According to IDC, Android’s market share is now globally was 63.8%.

The second position will still be occupied by Apple’s iOS currently has 18.8% market share.

Substitute Victor Valdes, Barcelona wants Michael Vorm

Swansea City goalkeeper Michael Vorm is likely going to want to lose Barcelona Victor Valdes at the end of the season.

Michael vorm

Barcelona reportedly targeting Swansea City goalkeeper Michael Vorm mainstay.

According to VI, Barca will make Vorm as successor Victor Valdes following the decision the Spanish goalkeeper who declined to renew his contract in Los Blaugrana. Vorm was immediately targeted and considered most appropriate to substitute Valdes, which will most likely be sold in the upcoming summer transfer market mudim.

Vorm is currently enjoying his second season in the Premier League. Her appearance continues to climb, so he was also interested in a number of local clubs, Arsenal became the most visible teams showed interest in Vorm.