Massa showed strength in the day-to-3

Ferari team
JEREZ – Three days of official practice session at the Jerez circuit F1 presenting three fastest drivers. If Jenson Button’s first day, and the next Romain Grosjean. On the third day, Felipe Massa’s turn to show off as the fastest driver.

Shown is less satisfactory in the first and second day, companion Fernando Alonso in the Ferrari squad is impressive on the third day, Thursday (08/02/2013). Massa finishing third session to record the best time.

Brazilian veteran rider incised best time of 1 minute 17,879 seconds of a total of 85 laps devour. Massa beat the record time of possession Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) who had to settle for second place.

“It’s always nice to end the day and see your name in the first place. But, to be honest it does not mean anything, “said Massa after the test, as quoted by Sky Sports.

“But, the result is a little to make us calm. I wish I was in the final sequence, then I would be a little frustrating, because in a big team there is always pressure, “he concluded.

Sementarai, the world champion, Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) performed quite well on this third day. The German was successful devouring 102 laps. Unfortunately, the record was lost when Vettel Massa and Rosberg making had to settle for third place.

Full results of the third day of Jerez F1 test:
Post — Pblp — Wak — (Lap)
1.F. Mass 1 minute 17 879 (85 laps)
2. N. Rosberg 1:18.766 (148)
3. S. Vettel 1:19.052 (102)
4. K. Raikkonen 1:19.200 (40)
5. J. Vergne 1:19.247 (85)
6. J. Rossiter 1:19.303 (42)
7. J. Button 1:19.603 (83)
8. E. Gutiérrez 1:19.934 (110)
9. M. Chilton 1:21.269 (78)
10. V. Bottas 1:21.575 (86)

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