Blackberry Z10 Review

bb z10

Are you ashamed to have a BlackBerry? It’s not exactly a status symbol any more, at least not in the U.S., after it got left in the dust by the iPhone. Now, there’s a new BlackBerry that wants to get back into the cool club the Z10. It’s the first phone to run the new BlackBerry 10 operating system, and it is, at first blush, a very good stab at regaining at least some of the cachet of the BlackBerry.

The problem is that no one has ever succeeded in turning around a failing smartphone maker. Remember the Palm, anyone? It’s simply a brutal industry. So even if the Z10 does everything it set out to do, it might not be enough to save Research In Motion Ltd., the home of the BlackBerry. The company is changing its name to BlackBerry, but that could just be the prelude to riding the brand into the sunset once and for all.
It doesn’t exactly help that the Z10 looks like every other smartphone on the shelf. It’s a flat black slab with a touch screen, nearly indistinguishable at 15 feet from the iPhone 5 or a bevy of Android smartphones. The screen measures 4.2 inches diagonally, a bit bigger than the iPhone but smaller than most Android phones. It will go on sale in the U.S. in March, probably for about $200 with a two-year service contract, in line with the iPhone and other rivals.
Turn it on, and the differences become more evident. Older BlackBerrys are great communications devices, but are poor at multimedia and at running third-party apps, something the iPhone excels at. The new BlackBerry 10 software is a serious attempt at marrying these two feature sets, and after a few hours of use, it looks like it succeeds.
BlackBerry 10 was delayed for about a year, and it seems as if the extra time was put to good use. The software is, for a first release, uncommonly slick and well thought out, completely unlike the PlayBook disaster of two years ago, when RIM released a tablet computer that couldn’t do email.
The Z10 is easier to use than an Android phone. It is more difficult to use than the iPhone, but it is also more powerful, giving you faster access to your email, tweets, Facebook status updates and text messages.
These communications end up in the “Hub,” a window that slides in from the left side of the screen. Whatever you’re doing on the phone, you can get to the hub with a single swipe on the screen, and then go back. It’s a great feature for the always-connected.
The software is good for on-the-go types as well, because it’s designed for one-handed use. While texting, you’ll have one hand free for holding your bag or pushing open doors.

Bb z10

It’s also completely touch-oriented, which isn’t what you’d expect from a BlackBerry. You don’t use a hardware buttons to navigate the phone at all: They’re just to turn the phone on or off, or adjust the volume. To get around, you swipe across the screen. Up, down, right and left swipes all do different things, but they’re fairly easy to remember. Sadly, it’s reminiscent of webOS, the last hurrah of smartphone pioneer Palm Inc. It was a great, swipe-based interface that never found an audience and was ultimately put to rest.
Very rarely does BlackBerry 10 display a “Back” button on the screen, which is a blessing. I find Android’s always-present “Back” button a huge annoyance, since it’s rarely clear where it will take me. Will it take me back one screen or kick me out of the application I’m in? Only one way to find out: pushing it.
BlackBerry diehards will lament the lack of a physical keyboard – they’ll have to wait for the Q10, a model in the more traditional BlackBerry form. That’s due this spring. But before writing off the Z10, these loyalists should try its on-screen keyboard. It’s really very good. It provides more vertical space between the keys, imitating the steel bands that separated the hardware keys on the BlackBerry Bold. It’s very accurate and easy to use.
The Z10 will also have a replaceable battery, something lacking on the iPhone. Screen quality will be good, too, at 356 pixels per inch, compared with 326 for the iPhone 5 and 306 for Samsung’s Galaxy S III. Unlike the iPhone, the Z10 will allow you to expand storage with a microSD card, and it sports a chip letting the phone act as a credit card at some payment terminals and share data wirelessly when tapped against some other phones. The Z10 is heavier than the iPhone, though – at 4.78 ounces to the iPhone 5’s 3.95 ounces.
So why does the Z10 and BlackBerry 10 face such an uphill battle?
Well, the library of third-party applications is the biggest reason. The iPhone and Android have a huge head start when it comes to getting developers to make applications that run on their phones. RIM says BlackBerry 10 will launch in the U.S. with about 100,000 apps. That sounds like a big number, and it includes important apps such as Skype and Facebook.
But it’s inevitable that the iPhone will have apps you want but can’t get on BlackBerry 10. There’s no Instagram, no Netflix. It’s also obvious that the number includes some apps that were written for the PlayBook tablet and don’t work well on the smaller phone screen.
But the biggest obstacle to a RIM comeback is simply that the iPhone and Android have become the default for phone buyers, and few will see a reason to try something else. Microsoft, which has vastly more resources than RIM, has tried for two years to get people to buy Windows Phones, with very little to show for it.
BlackBerry 10 is nice, but I can’t point to anything about it that would make me say: “Forget those other phones: you have to buy this one.”
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#GeekLesson: Should Update Bios?

Updating software on computers is necessary to do, especially if the antivirus software.
Updating the drivers also need to be done when there are certain applications
that do not support long dirver. But what about the BIOS on the computer? Does it need to be updated?
When the BIOS is updated it will not speed up your computer, there are no new features that you might need. It could even lead to new problems on your computer. Then when the BIOS update process is done? BIOS is updated when a new version has improvements that you need. Here’s a bit about the PG will review the BIOS.


BIOS stands for Basic Input / Output System. When the computer starts, the BIOS will test the hardware called POST or Power On Self Test. If there is any hardware that does not work then the motherboard BIOS process making funny noises accompanied by lights (depending on the motherboard used). BIOS is also needed so that the computer is capable of running the operating system. In addition it also set the BIOS configuration in the computer such as date, time, storage, boot process, the computer’s performance and stability of your computer. Finally, the BIOS can be set between sitem operation or use of software and hardware BIOS Runtime Service.

Unlike the operating system is stored on the hard drive, the BIOS is stored on a chip on the motherboard.



When you buy a computer bundle, the BIOS has been provided for you a bundle. BIOS can be updated when the computer company had provided an update bundle. But when you build your own computer BIOS is usually provided by the vendor of the motherboard that updates are available from the motherboard vendor. Update BIOS can be flashed to replace the BIOS chip of the old BIOS. To be able to update the BIOS you need to know the specific model of your computer or motherboard you use.

flash bios

Why Should Not Be Updating the BIOS?

Update BIOS update software is not like there will be several new features, improved security or performance. Update BIOS usually only fix bugs, add support hardware and supports the latest CPU models. If your computer is working properly, it is not necessary to update the BIOS. Since the new BIOS version is usually still has some bugs and in the testing phase. Flash BIOS is not as easy to update the software with just a few clicks away. You need a special tool to insert a new BIOS to the old BIOS. You will need a BIOS that fit the hardware you use, when there is hardware that does not match then the worst thing that happens your computer will be unbootable or can not boot.

updating bios

When to Update the BIOS?

As said above, if your computer runs properly. So no need to update the BIOS and when time is right to update the BIOS? Bug: If the BIOS experiencing a bug that has been fixed, this is the best time for you to update the BIOS. Usually the vendor recommends you to update the BIOS. Hardware Support: Some motherboard vendors typically add support for new CPU or other new hardware. If you want to change the CPU to a new CPU, you should update the BIOS first and then a new pair of new CPUs. Make sure the BIOS information on what you need on your computer.


So if your computer can run well no need to update the BIOS, but maybe you’ll get a new problem.

Massa showed strength in the day-to-3

Ferari team
JEREZ – Three days of official practice session at the Jerez circuit F1 presenting three fastest drivers. If Jenson Button’s first day, and the next Romain Grosjean. On the third day, Felipe Massa’s turn to show off as the fastest driver.

Shown is less satisfactory in the first and second day, companion Fernando Alonso in the Ferrari squad is impressive on the third day, Thursday (08/02/2013). Massa finishing third session to record the best time.

Brazilian veteran rider incised best time of 1 minute 17,879 seconds of a total of 85 laps devour. Massa beat the record time of possession Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) who had to settle for second place.

“It’s always nice to end the day and see your name in the first place. But, to be honest it does not mean anything, “said Massa after the test, as quoted by Sky Sports.

“But, the result is a little to make us calm. I wish I was in the final sequence, then I would be a little frustrating, because in a big team there is always pressure, “he concluded.

Sementarai, the world champion, Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) performed quite well on this third day. The German was successful devouring 102 laps. Unfortunately, the record was lost when Vettel Massa and Rosberg making had to settle for third place.

Full results of the third day of Jerez F1 test:
Post — Pblp — Wak — (Lap)
1.F. Mass 1 minute 17 879 (85 laps)
2. N. Rosberg 1:18.766 (148)
3. S. Vettel 1:19.052 (102)
4. K. Raikkonen 1:19.200 (40)
5. J. Vergne 1:19.247 (85)
6. J. Rossiter 1:19.303 (42)
7. J. Button 1:19.603 (83)
8. E. Gutiérrez 1:19.934 (110)
9. M. Chilton 1:21.269 (78)
10. V. Bottas 1:21.575 (86)

Know The Types Of Client Side Web Programming

This is continuation of the post know your type of web server side programing.

In addition to known techniques and scripting or programming language that is server-side (please see previous post), there is also a script or programming language that is client-side. Understanding client-side programming is a method of making an application that allows the processing is done on the client (user’s computer), so the inverse of the server-side.

Know The Types Of Client Side Web Programming

Some kind of script / programming languages ​​that are included in this category are:

  • JavaScript, a popular client-side scripting to create dynamic web applications and can run on a variety of devices, first introduced by Netscape and now developed by the Mozilla Foundation.
  • Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax), new methods of using JavaScript by combining with other programming languages.
  • jQuery, a cross-browser JavaScript library designed to simplify and speed up the client-side script.
  • Adobe Flash Player or Flash, a plugin for web browsers developed by Adobe, is used to run the animation and video player.
  • Microsoft Silverlight, a web browser plugin for Microsoft created, which can be used to run the animation, vector graphics images, and video player.
  • HTML5 and CSS3, a combination of the latest HTML and CSS standards that support the client-script functionality such as Flash and Silverlight.

Know Your Type of Web Server Side Programming

In the world of computer programming network applications, known techniques and scripting or programming language that is server-side. Understanding server-side programming is a method of making an application that enables the processing done on the server side. For example, if you access the website, then the processing done in the web interface web server that we are headed and the results displayed on your computer.

Know Your Type of Web Server Side Programming

There are many types of scripting / programming languages ​​are included in this category are:

  • Active Server Pages (ASP) is a server-side script that was first created Microsoft.
  • C + + Server Pages (CSP) or ANSI C, is a server-side scipt published by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).
  • ColdFusion, a server-side scipt made JJ Allaire and later developed by Adobe.
  • Common Gateway Interface (CGI), a server-side scipt which became a standard method in the application web server, since the beginning of the presence of the WWW.
  • Groovy, an object-oriented programming language for use on the Java platform, created by Guillaume LaForge.
    Java, a programming language that made James Gosling at Sun Microsystems (Oracle Corporation).
  • Lotus Domino, is a collaborative program to the server made by IBM.
  • Node.js, a program designed for the system can be improved utility for Internet applications, created by Ryan Lienhart Dahl.
  • Perl, dynamic programming languages ​​multi-functions and high-level artificial Larry Wall.
  • PHP, a server-side script for dynamic web development, made by Rasmus Lerdorf.
  • Python, a high-level programming languages ​​for a variety of uses, created by Guido van Rossum and was developed by the Python Software Foundation.
  • Real Studio, is a programming environment developed by Real Software.
  • Ruby, an object-oriented programming language for various purposes, created by Yukihiro Matsumoto.
  • Smalltalk, an object-oriented programming language created by some people in the Learning Research Group (LRG) Xerox PARC.
  • Server-Side JavaScript (SSJS), is applied to the JavaScript programming script on the server side, developed by Netscape and continued by the Mozilla Foundation.
  • WebDNA, server-side script developed by WebDNA Software Corporation (WSC).
  • Websphere, an application and integration software developed by IBM.
  • ASP.NET, a web application framework developed by Microsoft, as a substitute for ASP

The Top Band Expensive Indonesia

The flood of new bands in the Indonesian music industry did not make these bands had to slam the price in order to get a job on stage. Quality of the band, the songs are familiar in the ears of the community as well as the popularity of bands and band personnel made ​​10 Indonesia is a predicate most expensive in the world of Indonesian music. Every gig, concert goers they were never lonely and I wonder if the price of their performances per show is very high. This is now the most expensive 10 bands Indonesia:

  • Slank Rp 500 million/show
slankSlank was ranked first with 500 million / show. Despite the cancellation of a number of their shows by local police officers because they do not want the concert ended violent, did not make the price of children’s stage performance has dropped pencil. The proof Kaka, Bimbim, Ivanka, Ridho and remained stable Abdee stands as the band with the highest price. No half-hearted, Taylor set a price of 500 million dollars per appearance. The price is comparable to the potential will be hectic Slankers to come to the concert.
  • Dewa Rp 500 Million/show
  • dewa

    Although rumored to be left behind a number of personnel who are now busy with the band and their respective projects, the price Dewa 19 were also decreased. Band from Surabaya leader Ahmad Dhani remains the band’s most expensive with a price of Rp 500 million per appearance. The payoff? Get ready for the arrival of thousands of reinforcements god to show you.

  • Ungu Rp 350 Million/show
  • ungu

    Ungu can be regarded as the best-selling band invited to the event organizer. Schedule stage they are very solid and tours to cities in Indonesia can be said without a pause. Though the price of each show they are not cheap, but a flood of UnguClickers, Purple gig every taste makes the price of Rp 350 million is not nothing

  • Iwan Fals 300Million/show
    iwan fals

    What flag is always there and flying in every event except the Slank flags? The answer is Indonesia flag or official fan club Iwan Fals. Amid a flood of bands, ballad singers remained an idol of the OI. Not surprisingly, the price Iwan FALS per stage is not cheap, Rp 300 million per one stage

  • Nidji Rp 280 Million/show
  • Success was achieved NIDJI issued three albums during their stage schedule is very solid. Chanter ‘Remove Me’ does not even feel the holiday stage because the schedule is relentless. Their prices were skyrocketing gig once, Rp.275 million to Rp.280 million.

  • Yovie and Nuno Rp 269 Million/show
    yovie and nuno

    Yovie Widianto Yovie and Nuno formed as a musical outlet for idealism. But it turns out the popularity Yovie and Nuno actually able to surpass the popularity of his band to another, Jasmine Trias. Factor song more ‘teen’ and very easy to remember to make all people love their songs.

  • Gigi Rp200 Million/show

    If there is a band that has always been stable since the beginning they stood up to now they are not young anymore, name GIGI could be one of them. Currently many new bands popping up, the band has always existed albums and singles released their mainstay. Schedules show was almost never quiet. In addition, the band is also known as the band specialization religious song. Almost every Ramadan, GIGI’s song is never absent. Price Rp.200 million per show seemed appropriate to them.

  • That’s some top bands most expensive indonesia.Barangkali show any interest to them…….

    Soundpad ARNOVA Archos 7 Tablet Android (ICS) Favor Multimedia Features

    Soundpad ARNOVA Archos 7 Tablet Android (ICS) Favor Multimedia Features
    Archos Archos tablet ARNOVA brings back SoundPad 7. Unlike the previous Archos tablet output, Archos SoundPad speaker comes with a bandage on both sides as well as the tablet dock menempal.

    Immerse the interface of Android 4.0 ICS, SoundPad service brings the ideal media player with support capable sound system. With the support of 7-inch screen with 1024 × 600 pixels, SoundPad capable of displaying multimedia content services such as play movies, listen to music and even play games.

    ARNOVA SoundPad has ARM Cortex A8 processor running at 1.2GHz plus support from Vivante GC800 graphics, along with 512MB of RAM and 8GB of internal memory, plus an additional external memory is expandable up to 32GB via SDHC card.

    Soundpad ARNOVA Archos 7 Tablet Android (ICS) Favor Multimedia Features

    Like most Android tablets in general, the device also has Wi-Fi connectivity (Ethernet LAN port optional), there is also a microUSB port with USB Host, HDMI output, 3.5 mm phone jack, and a 2MP camera on the front for video call. In addition, there are also physical buttons to control it.

    Rates are priced for Archos ARNOVA SoundPad is around $ 205, you can get a tablet device this unique online retail site Pandawill and Aliexpress.

    Computer and Internet

    computer and internet

    A. Understanding the Internet
    Internet comes from the Interconnected-networking that have
    sense of connection with various types of computers that form a network system that covers the whole world (global computer network) by means of telecommunications such as telephone lines, radio links, satellite and more.
    In regulating integration and computer network communication protocol used is TCP / IP. TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) ensures that all links are working properly, sedangkanIP (Internet Protocol), which transmits data from one computer to lain.TP C / IP in general function to choose the best route data transmission, choose an alternate route if the route is not be in use, manage and transmit the data packets delivery.
    To be able to participate and use the Internet facilities, you usually have
    subscribe to Satui SP (Internet Service Provider) in your city.
    ISP is usually called Internet service providers or service providers
    Internet. You can use the facilities of Telkom Instant Telkomnet
    or Telkom Speedy.
    By utilizing the Internet, the use of computers across the world it is possible to communicate with each other and sharing information with each other how to send e-mail, connect to other computers, send and receive files, discuss a particular topic on the newsgroups, and others.

    B. Understanding Intranet
    An intranet is a private network (private network) that uses Internet protocols (TCP / IP), to share confidential company information or operations of the company to its employees. Sometimes, the term refers only to the service intranet seen, the company’s internal website. To build an intranet, then the network must have several components that build the Internet, the Internet Protocol (TCP / IP, IP addresses, and other protocols), the client and the server. HTTP protocol and several other Internet protocols (FTP, POP3, or SMTP) is generally a component of a protocol used.
    Generally, an intranet can be understood as a “private version of the Internet”, or as a version of the Internet that are owned by an organization.

    The Internet is a very large computer networks. In order to terhubunga to a network (internet), a computer requires hardware (hardware) extra. Once the hardware is met, our computer can be connected to the internet.

    1. Computer Network (LAN)
    Accessing the Internet using a local computer network is to connect the computer to the internet via a local network server that is connected to the internet. Connecting internet via LAN biasaanya done in companies, laboratories, schools, cafe, and so on.
    In order to access the Internet through a LAN, we use computer must be connected to the network. To be able to connect to our computer network must have a network card (LAN card).
    The benefits of internet access via LAN is a charge for internet access cheaper. This is due to the cost of computer access shared some fatherly. That is why the money we spent to access the Internet from Internet cafes are cheaper than the cost of access from home using telephone wires.
    The downside of internet access via LAN is if you’re doing a lot aakses, access will be slow, especially if the bandwidth is limited.

    Direct Telephone Line
    Computer connects to the internet using the phone line (dial-up) is the easiest way to access the internet. However, to do it we have to have a modem installed in the computer, phone line, and had enrolled in a particular ISP.
    When we use the internet connection via dial-up, in addition to paying a subscription fee to an ISP, we also have to pay the cost of your telephone that we use every time we access the internet.
    Currently, Telkom has been providing Internet access service called Instant Telkomnet. These services allow us direct access to the internet without having to register first. Instant telkomnet using access number 080989999 with the user ID “telkomnet @ instant” and password “telecom”. These services can be used throughout Indonesia with the local telephone payments. If we use this service, internet access payments made will be charged to our phone payment each month.
    Access speeds by using a dial-up can reach 56 kbps. However, it is usually less than the maximum speed, especially if the network is busy the telephone.
    Currently, some ISPs support dial-up service them with the data compression technology.
    The technology works by compressing the data to be sent across the telephone line and then on the receiving side the data is returned (uncompress) again. This makes the data that should be passed on the telephone network becomes smaller, so that data transmission becomes faster. Technology can enhance data transfer speed to 4-5 times faster.
    The advantages of using the internet connection is dial-up aringan wide. As long as they are mounted phone, we can use this access.
    While the lack of access to dial-up is still relatively expensive price, speed of access are unstable and highly dependent on the load on the network telephone conversations, and mobility access requires that we remain on or place.


    ADSL technology
    Tenologi ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) allows telephone lines used to skip high kecpatan premises digital signal to transmit data. This allows us engakses high speed internet. Over telephone lines.
    ADSL technology provides advantages kapada internet service providers and customers. Service providers no longer need to build infrastructure to support ADSL service Bary. Customers certainly do not need to pay for new infrastructure. Provided that no phone lines, ADSL services can be used.
    Connection to the Internet by using ADSL technology allows us to download data from the Internet more quickly and efficiently. ADSL is capable of transmitting data at speeds of up to 2Mbps to users within 5 km of the telephone exchange.
    Kelebhan other than a dialup connection, connection to the internet will not be disturbed even if they have an incoming or outgoing. And vice versa, the phone can still be entered even if the channel is being used for the Internet. In other words, we can still use the internet while using your phone simultaneously. This can not be done with a dial-up connection.

    Besides the advantages of using ADSL technology is:
    1. You can connect to the internet, and can still use the phone to receive / call.
    2. Speed ​​is much higher than a regular modem.
    3. Do not need a new phone cable, ADSL allows using the phone cord.
    4. Some ADSL ISP will provide ADSL modem as part of the installation.

    Weaknesses of the technology ADSL modem price is relatively more expensive compared to a dial-up modem. In addition, the subscription price of the ADSL connection is still relatively expensive when only used for the individual. ADSL service is also not available in all areas, but it also contained other weaknesses are:

    Losses ADSL

    1. ADSL connection will work perfectly if the location we are pretty close to the telephone exchange.
        At least within a 2-3 km stretch of cable is usually quite safe to use ADSL to
        speeds around 8 Mbps. New DSL technology that can transmit data at very
        height up to 100 Mbps. Of course, for a very short distance.
    2. ADSL connection is faster for receiving data than sending data over the internet.
    3. Old copper cables can degrade the quality of the connection and reduce speed.
    4. ADSL services do not exist in the area which is no telephone wires.
        In order to use ADSL, we have to provide ADSL modem and is also listed as
        ISPs that provide customer connection services using ADSL technology.

    Cable TV Network
    Some cable TV companies also provide Internet access through cable TV networks. Internet access using cable TV network is the right choice for internet users in a family, where the miraculous people can access the internet together.
    Cable TV networks for data communication lines wide. This is because the TV cable must pass data moving pictures and sound with high quality. If the internet is used for the size of the data that is passed only much smaller, we would get a very fast internet access.
    Typically, the cost for Internet access with cable TV marupakan bundled with cable TV service. Therefore, the cable TV network users surf freely without adding costs.
    Excess use your network to access the Internet with cable TV is able to access the internet stiap kta time and free of distractions elepon busy.
    The downside of intrnet access to cable TV network is only available in major cities and even then limited in certain areas are reachable by cable TV services.

    GPRS (General Packet Radio Sevice) is teknilogi sending data in packets using radio waves. GPRS is a wireless communication technology generations two and a half (2.5 G) which is the development of technology the GSM (2G).
    As wireless technology, we can make use of GPRS for accessing the internet anywhere as long as we are within range of GPRS signal
    The need for mobile communication industry will cause a ne eknologi GPRS data communication is widely used this sat. GPRS has elajuan fast data transfer, which can reach 115kbps. Although in practice, GPRS data transfer speeds still at 25-30 kbps.
    In theory, GPRS promises speeds ranging from 56 kbps to 115 kbps, thus allowing access to internet, multimedia data delivery to computers, notebooks and handheld computers.
    However, in implementation, it depends on the following factors:
    • Configuration and allocation of time slots at the level of BTS
    • Software used
    • Support mobile phone features and applications that are used

    Main Components
    The main components of the GPRS network are:
    • GGSN (Gateway GPRS Support Node): gateway GPRS network link to the Internet. The function of this component is the interface to the PDN (Public Data Network), information routing, network screening, screening user, address mapping.
    • SGSN (Serving GPRS Support Node): BSS network connecting gate / BTS to the GPRS network.
    This component serves to deliver data packets to the MS, HLR updates to customers, new customer registration.
    • PCU: BSS-level component that connects the terminal to the GPRS network

    How it Works

    SGSN in charge:
    1. Send packets to the Mobile Station (MS) in an area
    2. Sent a number of questions to the HLR to obtain customer data profile (GPRS mobility management)
    3. Detecting new MS-GPRS services in an area of ​​responsibility (location management)
    4. SGSN is connected to the GSM BSS with Frame Relay connections through the PCU (Packet Control Unit) in the BSC
    GGSN duty:
    1. As an interface to the external IP network such as public internet or a mobile service provider
    2. Updating routing information from the PDU (Protocol Data Units) to the SGSN.
    GPRS uses packet switch communication system as a way to transmit data. Packet switch is a system in which the data to be transmitted is divided into small portions (packets) and then transmitted and converted back into data before. The system can transmit thousands or even millions of packets per second. Transmission through (Public Land Mobile Network) using the IP backbone. Because it allows for the use of the transmission channel PLMN concurrently by another user then the cost of GPRS access, in theory, less expensive than the cost of access to the CSD.
    GPRS is designed to provide packet data transfer services on GSM networks at speeds better than GSM. Better speed is obtained by using a coding scheme (CS), which is different from GSM.

    GPRS in Indonesia
    The company pioneered GPRS in Indonesia are:
    1. TelkomVentus – PT. Telkom Ventus is the brand name for the Push email is a value-added services and convergence of services electronic correspondence (e-mail) and mobile system (cellular / wireless) that enables done relaying the email that has been received via a desktop or laptop to a smartphone or PDA phone By using this service email account owner can receive or send messages electronically, no longer form of short messages via mobile phone or PDA terminal has. Push email product is a product that can be compared to ‘bring’ all the ability to send and receive emails from a desktop or notebook into a smartphone or PDA phone that is connected to the network GPRS (Global Packet Radio Services) or PDN (Packet Data Network)

    2. BlackBerry – PT. Indosat Matrix Intended for Postpaid customers are corporate Jabotabek installation company will install Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) on the company’s servers. Every email that comes into your email inbox enterprise server will be encrypted, then pushed to the phone via GPRS networks Indosat. Mobile phones are specifically used Blackberry 7730 series engaged in GSM triband 900/1800/1900 Mhz BlackBerry Service provides an integrated wireless access, both for e-mail, telephone, personal information management (PIM), enterprise data and applications.

    In order to use GPRS (especially on mobile phones that support) required settings first. How are the GPRS settings of the respective operator. To use GPRS on your computer, you can connect GPRS mobile phone with a computer tersetting. Furthermore, it takes PC Suite (software CD that is packed at the time of buying a mid-end phone up).
    Currently, the development of GPRS in Indonesia compete with 3G technology which is a further development of GPRS.
    System GPRS service rates do not by duration of use, but based on the amount of data transferred.
    GPRS technology allows us to access the internet from anywhere. The important thing is we have a computer, a mobile phone equipped with GPRS facility, and a SIM card that provides GPRS services.
    The downside of GPRS is to get a mobile internet connection, we must make certain settings on our mobile teleon. It is quite difficult because each brand of mobile phones and mobile phone operators have their own ways to activate its GPRS facility.

    Another disadvantage of using a GPRS internet connection adaah serv prices are relatively expensive.
    The average tariff for installing operator Rp5/kb. This means that if we download 1MB of data, itâ must pay 5 × 1024 = Rp5.120, 00. When compared with dial-up service, with average download speeds of 4kbps course, to download a 1 MB we only takes about 5 minutes. Money we spent for the connection is only 5 minutes 5/60 x Rp 10.000,00 = Rp 834.00.

    WiFi stands for Wireless Fidelity.
    WiFi is tekologi abel jarigan without the use of high frequency electromagnetic waves to transmit data. Frequencies used by WiFi technology is the 2.3 GHz spectrum.
    By using WiFi, you can access the Internet quickly. WiFi has the ability to access the internet up to 11 Mbps or five times faster than Internet access using 3G.
    Because using wireless, WiFi technology suitable to utilize the location or runagan always be changed looks.
    So that we can tehubung computer to the Internet using Wi-Fi, our computer must be equipped with a WiFi card or have support WiFi technology. Then we kitaberada available at the location where the WiFi signal is often called a hotspot or dot points. Nowadays there are plenty of public places that has been providing services akes use WiFi internet connection.

    There are three kmponan contained in a hotspot locations, including sebgai following:
    1. Access Point (Access Point) is a device that connects to an Ethernet LAN Wireless technologies contained in the computer. The access point has to serve many users as 128 people. The total area that can be reached by an access point reaches 25-100 meters.
    2. Access Controller (access control) is a device that serves as an authentication tool, to check whether a user is a person who has the right or permission to access.
    3. Internet Link is a device that connects to the internet hotspot locations. Internet has the ability to link up to the Internet connection speed of 512 kbps. Connection capability is used to serve all the users in one location.

    The downside of internet access with WiFi access is only done at derah dapa 100m so far from the point. And to date, only certain spots are already mounted points out.
    Certain places are usually a college, hotels, cafes, airports and other public places. Nowadays there are a lot of malls, cafes, hotels that provide internet access using WiFi for free. It is then used by many people for accessing the internet while hanging out with friends.
    Another drawback with internet access via WiFi is the issue of data security. Even encrypted (encoded), data is sent over a data network yan easily penetrated.

    Wireless Broadband
    Wi-Fi technology allows us to access the Internet at high speed. However, the condition we have to be on WiFi signal to reach areas.
    Limited area with WiFi signal and the distance range of the WiFi signal is very short (about 100m) cause we can only use WiFi in certain areas only.
    Today is a new wireless technology being developed is called the Wireless Broadband (WiBro).
    However, this technology is still under development and only used in some countries and not sold in Indonesia.
    Dibandingka with WiFi, WiBro can be accessed from a distance of 1 kilometer from the access point with the speed of 512 kbps. WiBro Access is also possible from a moving vehicle at speeds up to 60 km / h.

    3G services can be obtained through GSM and CDMA operators.
    In the GSM operators, 3G using WCDMA technology. Fac is an evolution of GSM technology which then developed into GPRS. Later developed into GPRS EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution) and eventually became WCDMA (3).
    While the CMA operator, 3G technology EDV (Evolution Data Optimized). Ersebut technology is an evolution of the IS95 20001X (2.5 G) developed into CDMA20001X EVDO (3G) and then menjai CDMA20001X EVDV (3G).

    The advantages of using a 3G internet access, in addition to the wide bandwidth, can also be supported with HSDPA (High Speed ​​Downlink Packet Access).
    Such technology allows internet access as 2.6 Mbps or 40 times faster than Internet access by dial-up.

    The downside of 3G technology is that we can only use limited to local outreach service providers. This Saai msih 3G coverage is very limited.
    Operators of 3G services, such as Indosat, Telkomsel and XL could bring new services in major cities in Indonesia alone and still dominated in Java. The 3G service operators still have to think twice to expand the service to other areas of potential users is small, because the investment costs incurred to build a huge infrastructure. This means derah other areas will still be a long reach of 3G services.
    Another limitation if you want to use the internet to access 3G services is the device used.
    If we want to access the internet using the 3G service, we need to have a cell phone equipped with 3G.padahal technology, 3G mobile phone price is still expensive.
    The 3G network is not an upgrade from 2G; 2G operators affiliated with 3GPP need to replace a lot of components to be able to provide 3G services.
    While 2G operators affiliated with 3GPP2 technologies easier to upgrade to 3G because of its various network elements are designed for the direction of broadband wireless services (wireless broadband).

    Galliani Align Balotelli to Messi

    Galliani Align Balotelli to Messi

    AC Milan CEO Adriano Galliani cast praise for Mario Balotelli. According to Galliani, Super Mario content paired with Barcelona star Lionel Messi.

    Super Mario scored two goals against Udinese when diving debut with Milan. Coming from Manchester City, Balotelli immediately give a positive impression for his new team.
    It did not take long for players bleed Ghana’s present goals for Milan. “We do not have Messi. Balotelli But we had,” Galliani was quoted Soccerway.
    Through brilliant action Balotelli, Galliani feels wrong to spend 20 million euros to bring Balotelli to the San Siro. “Two goals Balotelli is a sign of luck, he can score goals in a span of 35 seconds,” said the bald-headed man was quoted as saying Soccerway.

    On that occasion, Galliani said Milan President Silvio Berlusconi were jubilant over Balotelli and Milan impressive performance throughout the game that continues to appear oppressive.

    “The combination of our striker aged 60 years and over the next 10 years, I do not need to think about the problem on the front lines. This allowed me to retire in peace. Far we have had 33 points in 15 games,” said Galliani.

    Milan vice-president was optimistic that the arrival of Balotelli could boost the sponsor. “Furthermore, we will see the benefits to attract sponsors because Balotelli was 22 years old and has great potential.”