Download APK Android application from Google Play with Real APK Leecher

Are you the Android fans who like to spend the time to try out a variety of applications from Android? including the new games if you are a gamer? To get new apps for your Android device, Google Play is the ultimate choice!

When accessing a variety of applications from Android Market, sometimes there are some obstacles that might be enough to bother you. For example, a smartphone because you do not subscribe to the internet, or you subscribe quota package that makes you not freely download applications from the Android Market. What is the solution?

Getting the APK version of the application is one of the best solutions. You can mengkopikannya on your Android device, and install it directly from your smartphone. But collecting APK version of the application is a bit ‘tricky’. Download from the ‘black market’ Android APK should not be done because sometimes people are fun include many malware on the applications, which aim to steal your files and data. So how do ya?

Have you ever thought of downloading directly APK version of an Android app from the Android Market? Can we? of course you can! You can use a java software called Real APK Leecher!

Real APK Leecher is software that allows you to download a variety of applications from Android Market in the form of apk file, so that later you live copy it to your Android device, then install it. This method of course will be more reliable because you get the application directly from the Android Market that have been verified and secured by Google.

To take advantage of Real APK Leecher, first you must know the “Device ID” you. The trick simply type * # * # 8255 # * # * on the dialer (the caller) (similar to the use of USSD Code), then tap the Phone button. Then you will instantly get GTalk Service Monitor follows:

Device ID you are located in the “aid”. Write down or copy and paste the part, because you will need them later.

The next step, you need to download and open the application Real APK Leecher. This software does not need to be installed because it is shaped for Java that can be opened with ease. Fill in the form Option in accordance with the data you have on your Android device, including the email and password you used on Android. Do not forget to specify the folder where you will later download the APK application you want.

After you click “Save” and you will get the following simple interface. How to get APK version of Android in the Android app is very simple. You live for the applications you want by typing in the search box.

In this example, the PG Line sought application, chat application for the middle wow……

As you can see, directly emerging applications options that contain the keyword “Line”. Right click and select “Download this app” to get it. apk version of this application will be directly downloaded to the folder that you specify.

Direct download procedure begins. You stay waiting.

APK version of the application will automatically be saved to the folder you specify.

Interested? You can get the real APK Leecher from:

Real APK Leecher could be a practical solution for you who like to try different kinds of Android apps for your favorite device. Of course you will save internet quota for your smartphone when using this strategy. Anyway, as a fan of the Android app, do not forget you have to equip you with the tools to avoid infiltration reliable Antivirus virus into your Android device!

DroPlayer V1.0

In addition to i-player, and noxas mirro player dock, I also share the music player application made ​​similar Ncube, the DroPlayer. Just as the previous software, DroPlayer player has a display that is simple, without regulation, and lightweight (Only 1 MB). Supported file formats are MP3, WAV, OGG, MPEG, WebM, MKV, MOV, MIDI, and much more. Keep in mind that if you open a video file so that only his voice sounded.

– Supports many formats
– Display simple and transparent
– Repeat and Shuffle
– Size is very lightweight (1 MB)
– Only supports formats / audio output
– Without the advanced settings
– Playlist could not be removed (can be overcome by Noxas Dock)

Installer, 1.1 MB

Portable, 961 KB

5 Apps To Learn Typing In Chrome

typingFor those of you who work with computers, typing rapidly and accurately is one of the factors which you can easily get the job done. Especially if you can type with 10 fingers, it would be easier to finish the job. Moreover, for a writer, fast typing with 10 fingers is much needed.

If you’ve learned to type with 10 fingers but failed, this time PG will try to help you. One of the famous browser, Google Chrome, has a lot of applications that you can add it for free on Chrome. There are many applications that you can use, one of which is the application to learn typing online. PG get 6 applications quickly and learn to type learn typing ten fingers, the following applications:
                                          Type Fu

apps typing

Applications are first learning to type is Type Fu, Fu Type is HTML5-based application that can help you to learn to type fast. With the statistical features of speed, accuracy, and the letters are often typed letter one of the most frequently typed. You will be able to learn quickly. There are a lot of selection of learning to type, such as typing letters, numbers, words, proverbs and aphorisms. Each has a maximum pembelejaran different levels.
Download Type Fu
                                 Typing Tutor

The second application is to learn typing Typing Tutor, Typing Tutor is to learn to type with ten fingers Different Type Fu that teaches speed. By using this application you are guided to improve the accuracy and sepulurah finger. But unfortunately there are no statistics to monitor your progress.
Download Typing Tutor
                                    Keys j&f

TypingClub application of learning to type is similar to Type Fu, providing statistics for accuracy and speed of each finger. There was also statistically typing speed per second of the learning session. It’s just the type of learning does not vary as Type Fu.
Download TypingClub
                                Type Scout

If you can type 10 fingers and want to learn to type faster, applications Type Scout is the right choice. In addition, there are several options of keyboard layout you use, let alone Arab keboard layout, the Netherlands, the UK, Italy, Japan and many more. There are 5 ways of learning to type fast, the scout mode, pricture & keyboad games, writing text games, typetrus and memorix.
Download Type Scout

                                   Typing Test

If you think the above application insufficient, you can try to use the Typing Test. Typing Test is an application to help you to learn typing ten fingers and also learn to type fast. Typing Test will give you an aphorism that you have to re-type. Then Typing Test will show you graphs of your speed and accuracy when typing.
Download Typing Test