Iran nuclear site reportedly exploded fordow great

Iran nuclear facility site in the Fordo, Qom Province, reportedly exploded. The world belongs to Iran’s most secret nuclear reportedly exploded and 240 workers trapped in the ground, buildings constructed on the site of anti bomb.


Reported by The Times of London, Monday (28/01/2013), nuclear site inside a mountain in the vast desert exploded last week. However, the Iranian government said the news was just propaganda to manipulate the facts the west. Iranian authorities in Tehran said the Fordo nuclear site was safe and there was no explosion.

The Iranian government also proved that there was no evacuation of residents in the area around the Fordo nuclear site. However, the British media said, the government in Tehran is trying to cover up the incident.

Iranian news agency IRNA in confirmation to the vice chairman of the Atomic Energy organization of Iran, Seyyed Shamseddin Barbroudi, insisted there was no explosion of any kind on the site Fordo, which reportedly got super tight guard of Iran’s military.

“It was a deliberate rubbish news for our Western propaganda. It must be understood, we are familiar with the nature of their (Western countries), “said Barbroudi.

The same thing also affirmed Alaeddin Boroujerdi, chairman of the Iranian Parliament’s Committee for Foreign and National Security, skimmed over it and called it a rumor deliberately created the West for propaganda.