The Top Band Expensive Indonesia

The flood of new bands in the Indonesian music industry did not make these bands had to slam the price in order to get a job on stage. Quality of the band, the songs are familiar in the ears of the community as well as the popularity of bands and band personnel made ​​10 Indonesia is a predicate most expensive in the world of Indonesian music. Every gig, concert goers they were never lonely and I wonder if the price of their performances per show is very high. This is now the most expensive 10 bands Indonesia:

  • Slank Rp 500 million/show
slankSlank was ranked first with 500 million / show. Despite the cancellation of a number of their shows by local police officers because they do not want the concert ended violent, did not make the price of children’s stage performance has dropped pencil. The proof Kaka, Bimbim, Ivanka, Ridho and remained stable Abdee stands as the band with the highest price. No half-hearted, Taylor set a price of 500 million dollars per appearance. The price is comparable to the potential will be hectic Slankers to come to the concert.
  • Dewa Rp 500 Million/show
  • dewa

    Although rumored to be left behind a number of personnel who are now busy with the band and their respective projects, the price Dewa 19 were also decreased. Band from Surabaya leader Ahmad Dhani remains the band’s most expensive with a price of Rp 500 million per appearance. The payoff? Get ready for the arrival of thousands of reinforcements god to show you.

  • Ungu Rp 350 Million/show
  • ungu

    Ungu can be regarded as the best-selling band invited to the event organizer. Schedule stage they are very solid and tours to cities in Indonesia can be said without a pause. Though the price of each show they are not cheap, but a flood of UnguClickers, Purple gig every taste makes the price of Rp 350 million is not nothing

  • Iwan Fals 300Million/show
    iwan fals

    What flag is always there and flying in every event except the Slank flags? The answer is Indonesia flag or official fan club Iwan Fals. Amid a flood of bands, ballad singers remained an idol of the OI. Not surprisingly, the price Iwan FALS per stage is not cheap, Rp 300 million per one stage

  • Nidji Rp 280 Million/show
  • Success was achieved NIDJI issued three albums during their stage schedule is very solid. Chanter ‘Remove Me’ does not even feel the holiday stage because the schedule is relentless. Their prices were skyrocketing gig once, Rp.275 million to Rp.280 million.

  • Yovie and Nuno Rp 269 Million/show
    yovie and nuno

    Yovie Widianto Yovie and Nuno formed as a musical outlet for idealism. But it turns out the popularity Yovie and Nuno actually able to surpass the popularity of his band to another, Jasmine Trias. Factor song more ‘teen’ and very easy to remember to make all people love their songs.

  • Gigi Rp200 Million/show

    If there is a band that has always been stable since the beginning they stood up to now they are not young anymore, name GIGI could be one of them. Currently many new bands popping up, the band has always existed albums and singles released their mainstay. Schedules show was almost never quiet. In addition, the band is also known as the band specialization religious song. Almost every Ramadan, GIGI’s song is never absent. Price Rp.200 million per show seemed appropriate to them.

  • That’s some top bands most expensive indonesia.Barangkali show any interest to them…….

    Melissa McCarthy beats ‘the bejeepers out of’ Jason Bateman in ‘Identity Thief’

    Melissa McCarthy is a force of nature. Not only does she have an Emmy for her “Mike & Molly” work and an Oscar nomination for her “Bridesmaids” role, she’s also got a new film out, “Identity Thief,” in which she plays a role originally written for a man.
    Video preview photo

    Melissa McCarthy: I’m ‘pinching myself’ over success
    When TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie pointed this out during McCarthy’s visit on Tuesday, she grinned about that gender switch, guessing that “(producers) thought, ‘She’s mannish! We’ll get that guy!'”
    In the film, she plays a woman who steals Jason Bateman’s character’s identity and runs up bills on his dime, but when Bateman decides to hunt her down, she’s not easily cowed. “I beat the bejeepers out of him,” said McCarthy, explaining how she had to “punch him in the throat, you know, 15 times.”
    The last few years have been good to McCarthy, who is pleased she’s getting such great work after trying for 20 years. “I just have to keep pinching myself,” she said.
    And there was one more high point for the actress, who had expressed off-camera a desire to meet former Vice President Al Gore — a guest on TODAY. Guthrie walked McCarthy over, and the two shook hands.
    “You make me laugh,” said Gore. “You’re great!”
    “Identity Thief” opens in theaters on Feb. 8.

    Britney Spears writes song for her two children

    Britney Spears writes song for her two children

    As a top singer, Britney Spears has a way to show his affection on his two sons, Sean and Jayden. The singer who once shaved her head, admits working on a special song for the second baby.

    Britney since a few weeks ago was busy working on her eighth album announced the news via his Twitter account. He seemed very excited about the project.

    “I was in the studio to record new songs for my children. They will be happy when they hear this song. I’m very excited,” Britney wrote on her Twitter account.

    In response to a reply from the fans for the statement, Britney returned twit threw up. As he jokingly asked followernya to keep the secret.

    “It was a surprise, so take good care of well manicured. Never noisy. Know I’ll love you guys soon,” joked Britney.

    Britney eighth album scheduled to be released around the end of this year. In the album, Britney assisted by a number of musicians such as Jay Z and Kanye West.

    News caught Raffi ahmad

    Raffi ahmad

    News of the arrest of 15 artists, including Raffi Ahmad, Wanda Hamidah, Irwansyah and his wife, Zaskia Sungkar surprised many. But paranormal Ki Kusumo pleaded not surprised at all.
    “After all I have predicted the end of 2012, that in 2013 there will be a senior artist caught in drug cases,” said Ki Kusumo when contacted on Monday (28/1).
    Film Producer Do not Cry Rays added, in addition to senior artist he also predicted a that there is a seemingly religious artist, in 2013 it will be caught drug. “Please check again my prediction,” he said.
    Even long ago Ki Kusumo already warned, “In the new year, we should start with new things and leave the bad habits. To face the new year, multiply the charity, improve attitudes and change the pattern of life,” he continued.
    Unfortunately, many people who forget. “If my predictions proved now, who are the losers.”
    Raffi Ahmad captured the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) when a party of methamphetamine at his residence, the Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta, Sunday (27/1) morning. Besides Raffi, Irwansyah and his wife, Zaskia Wanda Hamidah Sungkar and politicians arrested.
    Benny Mamoto justified their arrest, Deputy Enforcement BNN. “Yes it is true, that tetangkap initials RA, Zs, I and W. urine test was done for the question, and now more memperincinya,” he explained.

    Indonesia Artist:Wanda Hamidah Drug Test Results Negative

    JAKARTA – After four days of intensive inspection, Wanda Hamidah expressed negative using drugs. Today the National Narcotics Agency (BNN), returned to announce the results of drug tests out of 10 people who were arrested from the house Raffi Ahmad at the Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta.

    wanda hamidah

    To note, as many as 17 people were arrested at the residence Raffi Ahmad, for allegedly engaging party drug. Later, police released seven people, the test results showed seven men did not use drugs. Now, of the 10 people BNN, will release three more.

    “The result of the three initials SD, UW and WH declared negative using drugs,” said Head of Public Relations BNN, BNN Sumirat Dwiyanto in Building, Jakarta, Wednesday (01/30/2013).

    WH called Sumirat refers politician from the National Mandate Party (PAN), Wanda Hamidah. Wanda has been undergoing drug tests twice. In fact, hair BNN Wanda has also been examined.

    Sumirat added beyond these three, seven others tested positive for drugs, they are the initials K, M, MF, W, C, R and RJ.

    Sumirat be said, though three people expressed negative using drugs. However, all three may still be charged under Law No. 35 of 2009, relevant to know the person has a drug and not report it. “By knowing and not reporting it is exposed to art. Minimum of six months in jail,” she concluded.

    3 hollywood artist famous for porn videos

    A number of Hollywood celebrities become victims of porn videos. The video contains scenes of their suggestion that circulated widely and seen a lot of people.

    However, it seems that the video was not
    affecting their career in the world of celebrity. In fact the name of the artist is more known to the public since they were the talk of exciting video. Who are they?

    1.Kim Kadarsih

    kim kadarsih

    Porn video with ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian, Ray J circulated. The video was even released by Vivid Entertainment in 2007.

    Kim did not accept the video. However, after the video, Kim name even more known to the public.


    kendra wilkinsen

    Wlikinson Kendra began her career as a Playboy magazine model. However, the artist also had tesandung porn video case. Ex-boyfriend sold the video to Vivid Entertainment at a price that is more expensive than exciting video Kim Kardashian.

    At first he strongly objected to the video would be circulated through the porn company. He worried it would disrupt the harmony video household. However, until now there has been no news about the video. However, the name Wilkinson increasingly known to the public because of this case.

    3.Paris Hilton

    Paris hilton

    Paris Hilton exciting video circulating in cyberspace in 2003. In the video Paris was with her ​​ex-boyfriend, Rick Solomon. Paris was devastated because of this case. Video circulated a week before her reality show aired. However, it did not affect the socialite’s career. Only, Paris admitted traumatized by the incident.

    Hafshari Thanial Dinoto would prefer to keep acting

    Indinesian Artist News

    Hafshari thanial dinoto

    Young, pretty and smart, maybe that’s a fitting description for a portrait figure of dr. Hafshary Thanial Dinoto. At the age is still 24 years now, Hafshary has received numerous prestigious achievements ranging from the selection of Miss South Sumatera, 2010, a medical degree that has been achieved since 2011 and involved in a major film project titled Gending Sriwijaya.

    Hafshary interest in the art world is already beginning to emerge since childhood. He admitted that he is not the type who likes to be behind the scenes and thirst for performing in front of crowds from dance performances to the presenter. For Hafshary the art world is very colorful and very different from medical science.

    Hafshary acting debut in the big screen in the movie feels special because he Sriwijaya Gending compete acting with senior artists such as Slamet Rahardjo, Jajang C. Noer, Mathias Muchus, Agus Kuncoro, Sahrul Gunawan and Julia Perez, and directed by renowned director Hanung Bramantyo classmates.

    “It sometimes still can not believe that I was on the screen as big as it was. Past originally was joking so artist but Thank God my talents can be explored here. Much can I Hanung direction of gold. Sempet fact, I also got a scolding because its expression can not be considered, but I am thankful instead of nagging pain because it spurred me to be able to act better. I hope to play again in the same mas Hanung in the next film, “he said when met Hafshary Cinema 21 Cinema XXI Epicentrum in South Jakarta.

    In the film Gending Sriwijaya, Hafshary role as Dang Wangi forced to become the wife of the king Awang Kencana (Agus Kuncoro), after his girlfriend Purnama Kelana (Syahrul Gunawan) a victim of slander and in jebloskan to jail. No doubt playing with great artists make the first child of the couple Yulizar Ernila Rizar Dinoto and this was groggy. Moreover, this is the first film and a new actress who wander from Palembang.

    “Obviously really nervous because this was the first time I came to Jakarta diem wrote. Liat situation and adjust once wrote at the time. Luckily the people very well and teach each other, let alone mas Agus Kuncoro because then I would play the same opponent more he , “concluded Hafshary.

    His work as a doctor in Palembang, did not dampen his intention to continue to pursue acting. Moreover, girls who like reading and traveling is the full support of the family as well as her husband who also works as a doctor.

    Although Hafshary world loves acting, but he did not want to leave his profession as a physician. “The art world role that could make me be someone else and always curious. But I do not want to leave my main profession as a doctor,” he said.

    “In essence, I see the future later. I see the public response through this film because I can not judge yourself. All the trust of my family and my husband wanted to take advantage of the best possible quality to develop my acting by studying at home, and so on. If both can go hand in hand why do not I run two of them (doctors and acting), “he concluded.

    Top ten performers with swelling breasts hollywood

    Here are 10 Hollywood celebrities who have breast sexiest, as quoted from Hollyscoop. Please judge for yourself whether they are genuine or breasts are modified.


    lindsay lohan

    Lindsay is a girl the size of her tits differ greatly from his age. The artist often addressed this body weights of Lilo never dropped as much as 10 lbs when grow up. However, the size of the cup her breasts remain the same. He admitted to not do anything special to keep the size of her tits to keep it great.
    “Actually I do not really like to talk about breast size. But size is 36 D my last, “said Lindsay Lohan.


    christina hendrickd

    Actress television drama ‘Mad Men’ look sexy with his baggy shirt. Site guessing size 38 DDD breasts. Apparently, all of the clothing worn actress, good costumes for the show, or a red carpet gown, exposing her breasts look beautiful.

    Christina recently said, do not like to be a concern for him. However, with such beautiful breasts, she was quite steal the show without having to show it. “I do not do breast surgery. It’s like it “she said.


    salma hayek

    Salma Hayek has a lot of ideal body shape desired by women. Curves are very sexy, and not skinny and not fat, very fitting. Her breasts are sized 36-C could be a headline in the media when he was feeding a baby in Sierra Leone. She divides her breast milk to the baby because the baby breast milk is no longer producing.

    “The baby was perfectly healthy, but the mother does not produce milk. The baby was starving. I also breastfeed my child Valentina, but milk production remained much as I pump. So, I was feeding the baby. The baby stopped crying when I was breastfeeding, “said Hayek.


    Colombia’s bloody woman often shows ‘assets’ of various opportunities. Both when using tight leopard print dress or low-cut V-neck dress. He has been advised to perform breast reduction surgery when starting his career in Hollywood, but the suggestion was rejected. “My mother said God would punish, if I minimize it,” said Vergara.


    Many have questioned how Megan Fox with her ​​tiny body but has large breasts, with size 34 C. The news circulating surgery to enlarge her breasts. If he did do it, ‘work’ the surgeon is very neat.


    Whatever the age of Halle Berry, beautiful breasts with size 36 C made ​​it be in a list of sexy actresses in Hollywood. That was evidenced by his performance in the film ‘Jungle Fever’ in 1991, until the ‘Swordfish’ and ‘Monster’s Ball’, ten years later. Even after giving birth, breast remains taut.


    Jennifer Love Hewitt is very smart to choose clothes that show beautiful breasts measuring 36 C. Jennifer considers her breasts as beautiful accessories. “I consider it as an awesome accessory for any outfit,” She said.


    Original or fake? The question is always asked by many as a reaction shape and size Kim Kardashian a size 32-DD. Regardless of real or fake, reality show star does have a perfect body with curves. Starting from the breasts, hips, buttocks, to the hair. Sexuality makes Kim nicknamed ‘Princess Jasmine’ from Aladdin cartoon series.


    The word ‘perfect’ is the best describes Scarlett Johansson breast. The size is not that big 34 DD, but the winds and the location is perfect. Do not be surprised if he was mentioned celebrities have the most beautiful breasts


    With a small body Katy Perry was awarded a sizeable breasts. It was clear when she posed  for rolling st one magazine.